Innovative Design

Diamondback Tactical has revolutionized ballistic protection, as we know it. With our years of experience producing the world’s best traditional tactical equipment and the latest advancements in NIJ-compliant soft and hard armor ballistics, we have created a special line of Performance gear tailored to consumers of bullet resistant equipment who only put their trust in the best.

Our innovative Lightning™ ballistic armor is the lightest, thinnest, most flexible NIJ-certified Level II armor* on the market and is designed to give you the ultimate in performance and concealable protection. We have exclusively integrated our revolutionary Lightning™ ballistic armor with the highest quality materials from 5.11 Tactical® to bring you a professional-grade line of Performance gear, marked by 5.11 Tactical craftsmanship and the protection of NIJ-certified Diamondback Tactical ballistics. Level II Lightning™ Performance armor is designed for individuals who demand serious protection in high-performance situations, providing easy access to firearms while allowing you to blend in where you need to.

We have made it our mission to provide you with the safest, most elite line of American-made ballistics, designed and engineered to suit your unique lifestyle and performance needs. Our American-made ballistics are methodically tested and certified by the highest standards, ensuring we remain current with all advancements made in ballistic technology. Whether you’re on-duty or off-duty, in uniform or undercover, Diamondback Tactical is here to make sure you are equipped with the safest and most elite gear – so you can come home safe, every time.

*In NIJ Certification

To see how Level II armor stacks up against other levels, see the NIJ-certified ballistic grid below.


Technical Excellence

Highly engineered ballistic materials are used to design and produce bullet resistant apparel, shields and helmets with the purpose of minimizing the blunt force trauma of ballistic rounds by actually deforming the projectile upon impact. These products have been classified into different levels (II, IIIA, III, and IV) based on performance standards set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Level II & IIIA (soft armor) as well as Level III & IV (hard armor) are all strong and effective, and the exact tolerance of the products can be identified by the NIJ Ballistic Chart.

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), formerly known as the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, has been developing and testing body armor since 1972. The NIJ standard is the only nationally accepted standard for body armor worn by law enforcement and administers programs to test commercially available armor on a regular basis to determine compliance with NIJ’s minimum performance standards. As today’s performance benchmark for bullet resistant gear, NIJ certification has become recognized worldwide and certifies all of Diamondback Tactical’s ballistic armor.


Backface Deformation

When a bullet strikes ballistic armor, the equipment actually changes the shape of the projected ammunition, which prevents potentially fatal penetration. Backface deformation refers to the effect of a non-penetrating projectile on the rear face of a ballistic strike plate. As with all ballistic resistant vests, Diamondback Tactical’s armor plates and vests experience a degree of backface deformation once a bullet strikes them. NIJ standards permit a maximum deformation of 44mm, a standard in compliance with all of Diamondback Tactical’s products.