Body armor has saved the lives of countless individuals from gunfire and ballistic threats. In this day and age, the future is not always certain, and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation whether you’re prepared or not. Body armor provides assurance for everyone. From off-duty law enforcement officers and VIPs overseas, to weapons owners and hunters, no matter what the future may bring, you can come home safe, every time.


Anyone can benefit from body armor. Situations may arise that can endanger you or a loved one, and it’s up to you to be prepared. Body armor provides you with the confidence in knowing that you’re prepared for whatever may come your way. With the increasing popularity of upland hunting and competitive shooting, more and more people are operating firearms within the same area – leaving you in closer proximity to other, possibly inexperienced, shooters. Without the proper protection, one small mishap can lead to an injury, or worse, the loss of a life. Whether you’re a retired law enforcement officer, a member of a special operations unit, a security professional, a competitive shooter, or an upland hunter, body armor can help save your life from unexpected dangers. Don’t leave anything up to chance. Equip yourself with Diamondback Tactical body armor, today.


Choosing the right gear can be a complex process. At Diamondback Tactical, we’re here to help.

The type of ballistic protection, carriers and other gear you need may depend on several factors including protection level, comfort and performance. Diamondback Tactical equipment provides a full range of protection levels including Level II and Level IIIA soft armor, and Level III, and IV hard-armor. These choices depend on the product required for the appropriate level of threat protection and purchaser’s preference. Only government customers with authorization may currently purchase Level III and IV hard armor rifle plates. Depending on your ballistic needs and preferences, Diamondback Tactical provides equipment for those seeking either everyday Performance gear or mission-specific Tactical gear.


We offer a revolutionary new line of Performance products, which are unique in the industry, and combine the technologically advanced Diamondback Tactical ballistic protection, powered by  Lightning™ armor, along together with the proven performance of existing 5.11 Tactical gear. This state-of-the art gear is suited for everyday use, and is ideal for individuals who want advanced ballistic protection, and prefer a more active, fashionable, and covert profile. These products come equipped with Level II ballistic protection and are capable of defeating rounds that are tested to NIJ-certified Level II standards. Diamondback’s new Lightning™ armor is the lightest, thinnest, and most flexible NIJ-certified Level II armor and uses the most advanced ballistic polymer materials in the world today. Diamondback Tactical’s Performance line of gear is available to all professionals, who are looking for personal body armor with a lightweight, flexible and covert design.


Diamondback Tactical is a trusted and proven leader of Tactical gear which provides the highest-level protection for the most hostile threat scenarios anywhere in the world. Our Tactical line offers the most discerning law enforcement and military professionals a wide selection of industry-leading equipment from concealable armor and tactical plate carriers, to hard-armor shields and ballistic helmets. In addition to our Level II or IIIA soft armor, designed to offer a broad range of handgun protection, our elite tactical carriers can be equipped with hard armor rifle plates that provide Level III and Level IV ballistic protection for armor and non-armor piercing rounds. To accommodate the spectrum of threats and operational situations, we offer a full range of plate technologies for law enforcement, military, and special operators.

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NIJ Ballistic Chart

Protection levels, which indicate the type of ballistic threat level the equipment can defeat, are illustrated in the NIJ Ballistic Chart shown below: