At Diamondback Tactical, we are proud to support the men and women who protect and serve in the U.S. military, law enforcement and other government agencies. The dedication and allegiance demonstrated by these individuals is evident through their commitment to duty and their unwavering loyalty to the safety and security of the people of this country. For this reason, Diamondback Tactical is committed to supporting our government and military heroes by providing them with the highest quality safety and protection, so they can come home safe, every time.

Diamondback Tactical has been the trusted provider of elite body armor and tactical products to government, military and law enforcement agencies since 2001. We also supply technologically advanced body armor and equipment to contractors, security services, and international clients on a worldwide basis.

These professionals are accustomed to ballistic protection of the highest standards of excellence. As such, these professionals rely on Diamondback Tactical to provide that same quality and performance. Such individuals have the authority to purchase any of our items, including hard armor, in addition to all of our Performance gear suited for everyday use. With Diamondback Tactical, protection isn’t part time.

Prior to confirmation of purchase for restricted Diamondback Tactical products, government agencies and authorized individuals must provide appropriate documentation and tax-exempt authorization, which will also serve as confirmation of government affiliation and, therefore, authorization to purchase restricted items.

*If you or your agency would like to purchase Diamondback Tactical armor and tactical gear in in quantities of more than 10 units, please email  Discounts may apply.