Diamondback Tactical is the proven industry leader in the design and manufacturing of professional-grade ballistic armor, carriers and hard armor shields. Our advanced personal armor systems, ranging from tactical and plate carriers to concealable carriers, have been the trusted choice for America’s elite law enforcement, government agencies and military operators since 9/11.

Our American-made ballistics are designed and manufactured here in North Carolina, United States of America, utilizing the latest innovations to provide the highest level of comfort, reliability and performance. Our dedication to technological innovation, combined with leading-edge product development, allows us to continually research and improve our products to deliver the world’s best NIJ-certified body armor. Let us provide you with the confidence and protection to come home safe, every time.



The success of Diamondback Tactical is dependent on the trust and confidence we earn from our discerning customers, employees, and partners. We gain credibility by displaying honesty and integrity, adhering to our commitments and reaching company goals solely through our honorable code of conduct. We work to establish this trust and credibility in all business interactions. We are committed to providing high quality products and conducting our operations consistent with the highest business, legal and ethical standards. We strive to build a strong ethical work environment that will lead to consistent customer satisfaction with complete transparency. If you have any concerns regarding ethical principles at Diamondback Tactical, please contact our anonymous email line at, or by calling 1-800-882-7667 and requesting to speak with our Ethics Officer.